Listen to the Invisible

July 19, 2009

“An image reflected in a mirrow, a rainbow

in the sky, and a painted scene

Make their impressions upon the mind, but in

essence are other than what they seem

Look deeply at the world, and see an illusion,

a magician’s dream.”

The Seventh Dalai Lama, The Song of the Immaculate Path

Have a beautiful day, breathe deep and see the illusion. Listen to the invisible. Dance in the magician’s dream.


Louis Cornaro’s Discourse

July 16, 2009

Good morning!  Hope you are well and healthy.   In my journeys on the internet reading about wellness, I came across this website.  World Research Foundation.  There are several good articles here.  Well worth the hyperlink click.

I haven’t researched Louis Cornaro further than this article but these are the exerpts that delighted me:

About him:

Louis Cornaro’s 16th century book, Discourses on the Sober Life, has also been alternatively titled, “How to Live 100 Years.”  It is one of the greatest books ever written on hygiene.

Cornaro was a Venetian nobleman who was born in 1464 and lived to the ripe age of 102, dying in 1566. Like the majority of young gallants of his day, he lived a reckless and dissipated life; the result was that he completely broke down at the age of forty, and was given up by his physicians to die.

Taking matters into his own hands, Cornaro decided to reform his life and see what the results would be. He simplified his diet and drastically cut down on the quantity of food he consumed to the barest minimum. Within a few days he began to notice the difference, and at the end of the year, found himself completely restored to health.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about calorie restriction as the key to healthy longevity so this is the first thing that stuck my interest.

Seeing this, he continued this abstemious style for the rest of his life. He limited himself to twelve ounces of solid food daily and fourteen ounces of wine. (At the time the wine was very light and usually consumed at meals like water.)

This is hilarious.  More ounces of wine than food.  Disclaimer: I am only amused, not advocating this!!!!!!!!!!!!

“…I accustomed myself to the habit of never fully satisfying my appetite, either with eating or drinking – always leaving the table when able to take more. In this I acted according to the Proverb: Not to satiate one’s self with food is the science of health.”

I’ve always taught to chew slowly, eat till full.  This is the second reference in the last couple of weeks to eating just before full.  In Dr. Maoshing Ni’s book Secrets of Longevity, he writes “Most centenarians surveyed around the world follow the 3/4s rule: they stop eating when 3/4s full.”  BTW, Dr. Maoshing Ni is a 38th generation doctor of Chinese Medicine. 38th!  Back to Louis Cornaro:

“Galen had said that the two rules for eating and drinking were not to take of either, more than the stomach can easily digest and to use only those things which agree with you.”

Basically what Louis did was tune into his digestive system, eating only the freshest foods and only the foods his stomach approved of, only the foods/fuel that was perfect for his particular body.  This is what I call mindfulness.  Even though I’m usually talking about, writing about vegetables, tune in to your body and see what it needs, hear what it needs.  If it says non-food (cookie, donut, cheetos, twinkie), you’re not completely tuned in.  More on that another day…………………..

Quotes in bold type taken from the World Research Foundation website.

December 4, 2008


This is a beautiful snow storm from last spring.  There was a bit of snow this morning but it should look like this soon!  I’m going to be doing all of my blogging about hypnosis, meditation and breathwork here: [Author’s note: changed my mind.  As of July 16th, 2009, I’ll write in both places.]

Emotional Freedom Technique

November 13, 2008


I’m offering a Holiday Special, $20 off (good through November 26, 2008) a one hour Session of Emotional Freedom Technique for reducing cravings and keep you on track with your healthy eating habits.

Reduce your cravings for extra helpings, a double wide piece of pumpkin pie, or whatever your irrestible holiday delicacy.

Deal with holiday stress easier when your eating habits are healthier.  Enjoy without indulging.  Feel better and have more energy when you eat good food in perfect quantities.  Imagine yourself passing by the garlic bread and not feeling deprived.  Imagine yourself feeling completely satisfied with smaller portions.  In this 60 minute session we will use Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce cravings to your specific troublesome foods.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple tapping of energy meridians to release energy blockages.  It works well on a variety of things from cravings to negative emotions to your golf game!

Go here for more information.

Looking for your spiritual guides?

October 29, 2008

Looking for your spiritual guides, a guru, someone who can really accelerate growth?  Look no further than who you sit at the kitchen table with, than who you go to work with, than who gave birth to you….  That person you sometimes call your soulmate and other times call things we won’t list here, that person is your guru especially in those times of exasperation, frustration, anger, and in those times of doubt about your judgement in even spending one more second with them.

I know, I know, I hate advice like this too.  In extreme frustration or pain, it’s not what I want to hear.  I want a magic wand to ping him/her on out of here or sprinkle some kind of elixir to create a more pleasant personality that suites me.  But there it is, that bubbling of emotion, this gift to transform and examine.

My advice:  Feel those feelings, let them go where they want to go, pit of your stomach? piercing of your heart? what is that feeling, kind of an internal temper tantrum crossed with a stifled scream?

Then breathe in as slowly as possible, suspend your breathe as you take note of stuckness or tenseness, then exhale, release those spots and everything in your whole body.   As many times as necessary.


October 26, 2008

Creating a new website for hypnosis here.


October 24, 2008

InsightWork with Hypnosis

In the natural state of hypnosis, explore the deep meaning of your life.

  • How can I create more peace and contentment in my life?
  • What am I meant to do in this lifetime?
  • What’s the best way to activate self healing?
  • What are the best modalities of healing for me?
  • What’s holding me back? What’s the next step?
  • How can I find my soulmate?
  • Is this the best job for me? Should I go back to school?
  • Why am I always worried about money?

Based on the work of Dolores Cannon, this is a process of discovery and connection to the core of your being.  Let your deeper, wiser self guide you to wisdom and answers.  It’s like having a cup of tea with your spiritual guides.

Emotional Freedom Technique

October 23, 2008

Click on right side bar (Energy Balancing with Emotional Freedom Technique) to see my video of this.

This technique is one of the tools I use daily in my practice.  It is the simplest, most effective method of releasing emotions and feelings that aren’t serving your perfect health.

This release is so freeing.  When you are clear and centered, you can feel, hear and see the things that bring joy and move toward those things.  Every day more joyful and living from your heart.  Connecting with everyone in your life from a place of joy, a place of love.

Restful Sleep CD

October 13, 2008

You can find this new CD in My Store.

Restful Sleep.  The first and most important consideration for the creation of of a blissful, restorative night’s sleep is how well you de-stress in the day.  Exercise is the supreme stress reliever followed by conscious breathing followed by meditation.

Exercise:  Do your aerobic excercise in the morning.  Then a nice brisk walk after dinner to commune with the earth and stars, maybe your dog? will feel great and aid in digestion too.

Conscious breathing:  I will put up some video examples of this soon.  As many times a day as possible, like every time you get up from your computer or every time you pass through a doorway or every time your boss comes near your desk, breathe in as slowly and as deeply as possible, exhale and release your jaw, neck, shoulders.  Continue until you really feel that tension melting away.

Meditation:  Morning and night meditation is a very good ritual but night is especially good for preparation to sleep.  Create a bedtime ritual.  Make your bedroom as peaceful an envoirment as possible.  If you like taking bathes, maybe a soothing bath followed by journal writing.  Write about all the amazing and beautiful things that happened or some affirmations.  Every day in every way I’m healthier and healthier.  Every day in every way I’m stronger and stronger.  Every day in every way I’m more and more energetic.  After afftirmations, meditation.  Releasing tensions, letting any thoughts of the day float past.  Then listen to Restful Sleep CD:) and drift off to sleep.

Coaching and Hypnosis

October 5, 2008

A coaching session can clarify what changes you want to make first.  So many times when I talk to people they have a grocery list of items, a grocery list of positive changes they want to implement.

The first person I ever hypnotized was my friend and together we created a plan to see and feel herself: eat her vegetables, ride her bike, learn improvisational piano, loss weight, focus on her work so that she could finish sooner.  So funny!  As amazing as the power of your subconscious is, it is most powerful, you are most powerful when you work on One Thing at a time.  Small changes creating motivation and energy toward your goals.

Often you’re One Thing can affect several things on your list.  In the example above, let’s say my friend chose to focus on eating her vegetables.  This focus on the increased energy she would be getting from eating more nutrient rich foods may inspire her to ride her bike more due to focusing on health.  Riding her bike more would help her loss weight.  All of the above may increase her focus on her job because her mind is healthier and she’s reduced stress.  Finishing work sooner and having more energy leaves her with plenty of time for improvisational piano!!!!  What is the one change you would like to make today?

After you’ve narrowed your focus and created a plan with coaching, the best way to implement change is with hypnosis.  Seeing and feeling how amazing you look, how creative and energetic you are is the power to move you forward.  Step by step.

In my sessions I always include stress reduction techniques.  Simple breathing exercises combined with visualizations will keep you on track, seeing the changes in detail.  It’s like you’re standing looking at the screen of a drive in movie, on the screen is your new life, your new body, your new job.  You’ve created this movie of change in complete detail.  You see it and you’re walking toward it.  Maybe running, maybe skipping, maybe flying or floating.  And then to your surprise there you are right in your creation, this amazing creation of your imagination and your heart and your spirit.   What stress does is distract you.  It distracts you from floating into your movie.

I’m trying to find a more accurate word because many times people will say “I don’t have any stress”.  I think they mean that they don’t have any crisis’ right now.  What I’m talking about is your left brain just a cruising on it’s hamster wheel, round and round and round.  So that it takes you away from living in the present moment.  It takes you away from your focus on the movie screen.  You very own beautiful movie.  You get caught up in the world’s drama, your friends’ drama, your family’s drama, your work drama.  Then suddenly, “hey where’s my beautiful movie?”  Reducing stress continually all through your day will keep your movie front and center, clear and focused.

What is the one change you would like to make today?